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O is for Orange

Believe it or not, no oranges were harmed in the making of these wines! If you’re thinking, huh?! There’s a super simple explanation as to what on earth this lovely liquid is. Orange wine is also often referred to as skin-contact white wine; it’s a white wine that’s made the way red wine is made. The skins of the grapes are left in contact with the juice for longer than in regular white wine production which gives the wine a deeper (orangey) colour and a texture similar to red wine. It’s quite a ‘natural’ process so it’s usually quite hands off in terms of additives etc and sometimes isn’t filtered or fined either, leaving it a little cloudy. These are three amazing examples of beautifully made orange wines which we’d recommend as ‘entry-level’ styles if you’re looking to learn more about it or start with some more delicate & fresh, less bold and intense styles.


Parajes del Valle Macabeo Maceracion 2022 

Ruiz Jimenez Ingenium Orange 2022 

Sharpham Estate Little Bee Wild Ferment 2021


O is for Orange

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